Edson Marine

Edson Steering Wheels

Edson has been building steering systems for yachts and work boats for over 140 years.  These beautifully crafted wheels are designed to provide years of service and pleasure to the boat owner who appreciates fine workmanship.

How do I determine if an Edson Wheel will fit my Pedestal?
Edson wheels have either a 1” straight bore with a 1⁄4” keyway and a 23⁄8” hub length or a 1” bore with an 8 degree taper, 3⁄16” keyway and a 1” hub length. Prior to 2000, Edson Steerers and Pedestals had 1” straight shaft. Since then they have had tapered shafts. Measure your existing wheel to determine if these dimensions match your wheel and shaft.