Simpson Lawrence Horizon 500 Parts
5 Rope/Chain Gypsy - 1/4" - Chromed Bronze 605298RC6
5 Rope/Chain Gypsy - 1/4" Plastic 60529G6
7 Fleming Rope Chain 6052907
8 Control Arm 6052908
9 Torsion Spring 6052909
10 Pivot Point 529-010
13 Drive Roller 6044518
14 Needle Roller Bearing 529-014
15 Needle Roller Clutch 529-015
16 Ball Bearing 529-016
20 Socket Screw 529-020
23 Socket Screw 447-047
75 Chain Pipe Sleeve 529-075
99 Clutch Cone 529-099

*Some Horizon 500s were supplied with Chromed Bronze (shiny metal) gypsies, others were supplied with hard plastic gypsies.  If you have a plastic gypsy and would like to upgrade to a metal gypsy you will need to order two 529-099 clutch cones.

Lewmar Fleming for Pro Sport and H400/500
Plastic Fleming for Lewmar Pro Sport also fits Simpson Lawrence Horizon 400 and 500...
Simpson Lawrence Control Arm for Horizon 400/500
Original plastic control arm for Simpson Lawrence Horizon 400/500 models...
Simpson Lawrence Gypsy for Sprint/Horizon 400/500 -Plastic
Original plastic gypsy fits both Sprint and Horizon 400/500 models. Fits 1/4" chain and 1/2" three-..
Simpson Lawrence Gypsy for Sprint/Horizon 400/500 - Chromed Bronze
Original chromed bronze gypsys for Simpson Lawrence Sprint and Horizon 400/500 models. When upgradi..
Simpson Lawrence Clutch Cone (H500/S600)
Two required when converting from a plastic gypsy to a chromed bronze gypsy...
Simpson Lawrence Drive Rollers Set of 5
Set of 5 drive rollers for Sprint 500/600/900 windlass...
Lewmar 529-014 Needle Roller Bearing
Lewmar 529-014 Needle Roller Bearing..
Lewmar 529-015 Needle Roller Clutch
Roller clutch - one way bearing..
Lewmar Chain Pipe Sleeve - H500/Pro Sport
Plastic chain pipe sleeve for Lewmar and Simpson Lawrence windlasses...
Simpson Lawrence Torsion Spring for Horizon 400/500
Original torsion spring fits Simpson Lawrence Horizon 400 and 500 plastic control arms...
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