Airmar Transducers

Airmar PM111 Broadband CHIRP - Low/High

Brand: Airmar
Part Number: PM111C-LH

For bare wire applications - no connector.

Rely on Airmar’s new broadband transducers for your ultimate fishing mission. Whether you’re a commercial fisherman, charter captain, or tournament angler, there’s a new game in town! CHIRP transducers enable bottom detection down to 3,000m (10,000’) with 5 to 10 times greater detail and resolution so precise it’s possible to distinguish between individual baitfish, game fish, and underwater structures. One transducer delivers up to 117 kHz of total bandwidth in just one installation, saving customers time and money.

A unique property of the new high frequency transducers is that the beam width is a constant 25° angle across the entire frequency band. Now, in addition to providing vast bottom coverage and precise fish detection in the upper water column that can sometimes go unseen with our narrow beam transducers, Airmar's new wide beam format also creates crisper and larger return images on the display. We've got you covered.

  • Depth & fast-response water-temperature sensor
  • 2 kW
  • Fishing Profile: Recreational and commercial inshore and offshore fishing (deep-water canyon and sea-mount tracking)
  • Urethane transducer housing
  • Hull Type: Fiberglass only
  • Low & High-Frequency (LH)
    • Low—Chirps from 38 kHz to 75 kHz, 19° to 10° beamwidth
    • High—Chirps from 130 kHz to 210 kHz, 8° to 4° beamwidth
  • 117 kHz of total bandwidth from one transducer
  • Covers popular fishing frequencies of 38, 50 and 200 kHz plus everything else in the bandwidth.