Airmar Transducers

Airmar Transducers - RCA

An RCA audio-type connector used in Datamarine equipment

Airmar B122 200kHz Long Stem Bronze Low Profile - RCA
The long-stem, B122 transducer is designed for use in thick-hulled wooden boats or vessels with a st..
Airmar D800B 200kHz Bronze TH Depth Only RCA Connector
The dual-frequency, 50/200 kHz, B60 Tilted Element™ transducers is a low-profile housings tha..
Airmar D800P 200kHz Plastic TH Depth Only RCA Connector
Low-Profile HousingDepth onlyUsable Shaft Length: ~57 mm (2.25”)Retractable insertFrequency: 200 kHz..
Airmar P319 50/200kHz Plastic Low Profile Depth - RCA Connector
The P319 and B117 feature Airmar’s 50/200 kHz, dual-frequency, single-ceramic element in a low-pro..
Airmar B45 - 50/200kHz Bronze TH Depth Only - RCA Connector
The B45 is Airmar's smallest and most economical, dual-frequency, bronze, stem transducer. Its s..
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