Airmar Transducers

Airmar B744VL - 50/200KHZ Bronze Long Triducer w/ Fairing - 8 Pin Sitex

Brand: Airmar
Part Number: B744VL-8S

These Triducer® multi-sensors feature depth, speed, and temperature in a single housing–drill only one hole in the boat! The 50/200 kHz, dual-frequency, single ceramic element provides good target detail in shallow water at 200 kHz and good deep-water bottom tracking at 50 kHz. The B744VL’s extended stem-length has the extra height needed for steep-deadrise vessels or thick, cored hulls.


  • Depth / Speed / Temp
  • 50/200 kHz
  • 600 W RMS
  • Mid-performance
  • Bronze