Colligo Torque Rope Terminators

Colligo Line Terminator end fittings are the only spliceable, lashable, and pinable end fittings available that meet Hampidjan's recommended minimum 5/1 bending ratio for Colligo Dux. This is essential for long term durability of Dyneema based lines as tight bending radii cause compressive stresses that weaken the line considerably.

Colligo Furler Terminator for 7-9mm Line - Black
For 7-9mm line. Will fit all Colligo furlers. Uses lashing line to 6.4 mm (1/4 inch) Diameter. 10,..
Colligo Furler Terminator for 11-13 mm Line - Black
For 11-13mm line. Will fit all Colligo furlers. 10,000 lbs-f Safe Working Load. Sleeved for 1/2 in..
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