Garmin Antennas & Sensors

Wherever you are on the water, there are Garmin antennas and sensors available to keep you in the know and on course. These include GPS/GLONASS antennas, marine heading sensors and even antennas for weather information and entertainment.

Garmin GPS 19x Antenna/Receiver, NMEA 2000
The highly accurate GPS 19x NMEA 2000 position receiver/antenna provides 10 Hz update rates for po..
Garmin GPS 19x Antenna/Receiver, NMEA 0183
The highly accurate GPS 19x HVS position receiver/antenna provides up to 10 Hz update rates for po..
Garmin 9-axis Heading Sensor
Premium Solution for Exceptional Heading Accuracy Provides exceptional heading accu..
Garmin Elec. Compass, Steady Cast
Steady Cast Heading Sensor, MFG# 010-11417-10, Three-axis compass heading sensor for Garmin MFDs and..
Garmin GXM 53 SiriusXM WX/Audio-Ethernet
Gain Access to Current Weather Conditions And Forecasts Our best integrated weather receiver and ..
Garmin Airmar T80 Water Temperature Probe (8 pin)
Find out the water surface temperature by attaching our 8-pin stainless steel temperature probe to y..
Garmin GTEMP10-TH N2K Thru-Hull Temp Sensor
The Easy Way to Know Accurate Water Temperatures Know the accurate temperature in y..
Garmin GFS 10 Fuel Sensor, NMEA 2000
GFS 10 Fuel Sensor, MFG# 010-00671-00, includes mounting hardware, fuel filter, 4 reuseable steel ho..
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