Garmin VHF & AIS

Garmin offers communications and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) designed to enhance convenience and safety for mariners worldwide. All include Digital Selective Calling (DSC), a global protocol that uses channel 70 to transmit and receive digital messages. VHF radios equipped with DSC can send and receive digital emergency messages, private calls and general calls and let you call attention to VHF calls by using stored Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) numbers. DSC significantly improves the chances of rapid rescue.

Garmin VHF 110 Marine Radio
Communication is critical on the water. With the VHF 110 radio, you can stay in contact with the s..
Garmin VHF 210 Marine Radio
Stay in Contact on the Water Standard Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) functionality25 W o..
Garmin VHF 210 AIS Marine Radio
Communication and situational awareness are critical on the water. This fixed-mount VHF 210 AIS ra..
Garmin VHF 300 Marine Radio - Black
Garmin VHF 300 AIS Marine Radio - Black
Garmin AIS 300 Blackbox Receiver
Garmin AIS 600 Blackbox Transceiver
Add a new level of safety and convenience to your vessel with the AIS 600. This black box AIS tran..
Garmin GHS 10 Wired VHF Handset
The GHS 10 allows full function of your VHF 200 or VHF 300/300 AIS radio from a r..
Garmin GHS 20 Wireless VHF Handset w/ GWH 20
The GHS 20 is a wireless remote handset allowing full control of your VHF 200, 300 or 300 AIS seri..
Garmin GHS 20 Wireless Handset Only - Black
The GHS 20 is a wireless remote handset allowing full control of your VHF 200, 300 or 300 AIS seri..
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