Garmin Networking Cables & Accessories

It’s so easy to connect with the future of nautical navigation: Just plug into the Garmin Marine Network™.

You don’t need high-tech expertise. Or advanced programming skills. Fact is, if you can plug in a cable connector, you can build a ship-wide Garmin network – or expand the one you’ve started.  The Ethernet-fast (100-megabit) Garmin data system is anchored by compatible GPSMAP® chartplotters with built-in network links. These multifunction displays (MFDs) automatically detect any and all peripherals once they’re connected. And the same network cabling is used for both unit-to-unit and unit-to-network connections. So it’s easy to connect any combination of sensors and displays.

These high-speed, high-resolution multifunction displays (MFDs) offer expanded access to onboard sensors with NMEA 2000 compatibility – as well as full Garmin Marine Network™ connectivity. Thus, it’s easy to select and control a whole array of remote sensors and data inputs from any compatible device on your boat.

Garmin 8 Pin Xdcr to 12 Pin Sounder Adapter XID
8 Pin Transducer to 12 Pin sounder adpater cable, MFG# 010-12122-10, for use with XID transducers...
Garmin Bare Wire Transducer to 12-pin Sounder Wire Block Adapter
Connect a compatible bare wire transducer to a Garmin 12-pin sounder connector with this wire block ..
Garmin Bare Wire Transducer to 8-pin Sounder Wire Block Adapter
Adapter box that enables Garmin 6-pin transducers to be used with Garmin blue 8-pin equipment. Can..
Garmin NMEA 2000 Backbone Cable (10M)
Garmin NMEA 2000 Backbone/Drop Cable (1 Ft.)
Garmin NMEA 2000 Backbone/Drop Cable (2M)
Garmin NMEA 2000 Backbone/Drop Cable (4M)
Garmin NMEA 2000 Backbone/Drop Cable (6M)
Garmin NMEA 2000 Cable-Right Angle
Garmin NMEA 2000 Field Installable Connector, Female
Garmin NMEA 2000 Field Installable Connector, Male
Garmin NMEA 2000 In Line Terminator
Garmin NMEA 2000 Power Cable
Garmin NMEA 2000 Starter Kit
Our starter kit has everything you need to build a basic NMEA 2000 network on your boat. The kit i..
Garmin NMEA 2000 T Connector
Garmin NMEA 2000 Terminator-Female
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