Garmin Transducers

The transducer selection is key to Garmin CHIRP performance. These transducers have elements that are tuned to specific frequency ranges
and  limit  interference  while  transmitting  and  receiving  data.  Choose  the  right  frequency  range  for  the  water  conditions  you  experience 
while boating. Higher frequencies use a narrow beam widths, and are better for high-speed operation and rough sea conditions. Bottom
definition and thermocline definition can be better when using a higher frequency. Lower frequencies use wider beam widths, which can let the fisherman see
more targets, but could also generate more surface noise and  reduce bottom signal continuity during rough sea conditions. Wider beam widths generate
larger arches for fish target returns, making them ideal for locating fish. Wider beam widths also perform better in deep water, because the lower frequency
has better deep water penetration.


ClearVü scanning sonar gives you an ultra clear sonar picture of objects, structure and fish that pass around your boat while SideVü scanning
sonar shows fish and structure that is off to the sides of your boat. ClearVü/SideVü scanning sonar with CHIRP technology is also available
for some compatible chartplotter/sonar combos.

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