Maretron Gateways

Maretron’s products communicate over a Controller Area Network (CAN bus) using the National Marine Electronics Association’s NMEA 2000® protocol. The advantages of using CAN bus are numerous and include low wiring complexity with all components interconnected through a single cabling system.  The reduction in wire over conventional systems is significant resulting in lower installation and maintenance cost and lower overall vessel weight. And since the individual products are connected to drop lines from the main trunk line, a single product failure doesn’t affect communication between other devices.

Maretron Gateway NMEA 2000/USB
Maretron's USB100 is a gateway for bridging computers to an NMEA network. This allows you to use PC ..
Maretron Internet Protocol Gateway, IPG100
The Internet Protocol Gateway (IPG100) lets you connect PC's, Mac's, tablets, or sm..
Maretron J2K100 NMEA 2000 / J1939 Bridge
J2K100 NMEA 2000® / J1939 Bridge (Engine/Transmission/Genset Gateway)Maretron's J2K100 attaches d..
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