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Schaefer System 4100 Furlers

Schaefer Roller Furling/Reefing allows you to set, furl and reef your genoa from the safety and convenience of the cockpit. You no longer need to scramble forward to hank on your luff or "tame the beast" of a flailing genoa dropped on the foredeck. Best of all, it's a one person job to handle even your big 150% genoa.

All Schaefer Systems are designed to be the strongest, best performing furling systems you can install on your boat. Combined with one "wide range" reefing sail, Schaefer Roller Furling/Reefing Systems can do the work of three or four conventional sails. Sailmakers can modify your existing sail or build a single sail that can perform well in winds from 0 to 35 knots

The Complete kit includes: Furler, base toggle/link, Sta-Lok fitting & wire bearing liners.   Additional lengths of extrusion can be ordered for headstays longer than standard.

Schaefer 4100 Jib Furling System w/o Toggle/Link
A complete system consists of a furler drum and tube package and a matching toggle and link, eithe..
Schaefer Extension Kit, 7'(2.13m), Joint, Rivets,
Kit includes: One full length extrusion, one torque joint for connection of extrusions, bearing ..
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